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Tools of the Trade

Most of my artwork is done by hand. My traditional tools are a black outliner pen and pencil crayons, ... GOOD pencil crayons, I use Berol / Prismacolor pencils because they are smoother on paper. One technique I use is blending, this is when I shade in a dark colour first and then colour overtop with a lighter colour.

My photographs were all taken using either my traditional Canon film, my digital camera and now my phone camera!

I enjoy drawing using Adobe Illustrator. My favorite tool in the program is the Bezier tool, I have mastered it because it allows me to draw round dynamic shapes.

My character drawings are mostly drawn by hand, sketched, outlined, scanned and some of them coloured in Photoshop.

I no longer use that pretty bubble imac computer you see below as I've sold it! It's amazing how technology has advanced! The amount of memory my MacBook pro has is nothing compared to the old computers!!!

And Voilà!

My Imac