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Tools of the Trade

I enjoy creating art traditionally for the most part. I use a black outliner pen, markers and pencil crayons, ... GOOD pencil crayons, I use Berol / Prismacolor pencils because they are smooth on paper and are easy to blend colours together.

My first photographs were taken using either my traditional Canon film camera, these are all the black and white ones. Later on I used a small digital camera and now mostly my phone camera. I don't have any of my phone pictures displayed here yet, but.. coming soon.. Stay tuned!!

I also enjoy drawing using Adobe Illustrator. My favorite tool is the Bezier tool, I have mastered it because it allows me to draw round dynamic shapes.

A lot of my drawings are hand sketched, outlined, scanned and coloured in Photoshop. All of my recent peices were hand drawn and coloured and picture taken with my phone and some were edited in Photoshop.

I no longer use that pretty bubble imac computer you see below as I've sold it! It's amazing how technology has advanced! The amount of memory my Imac had is nothing compared to my Macbook Pro!!!

And Voilà!

My Imac